Nirvana - 12/1/89 - [Remastered] - France - [Soundboard Audio] - [Full Show]- Fahrenheit - Free Online

Nirvana Fahrenheit Issy-les-Moulineaux, France 00:34 School 03:36 Scoff 08:10 Love Buzz 11:25 Floyd The Barber 13:40 Dive 18:00 (Johnny B. Good) 18:27 Polly 21:10 Big Cheese 25:30 Spank Thru 28:40 About A Girl 31:35 Breed 35:23 Been A Son 37:48 Stain 40:30 Negative Creep 43:20 Blew Notes: -- Remastered / Synced to circulating Soundboard Audio Source SBD Audio source is missing "Been A Son" and "Stain" - used AUD1 Audio. One 50second video dropout during the opening song (School). Some video missing between songs. Used still shots from the video to cover those gaps. There is a 720p/50 frames per second option (50fps is simulated). If the higher frame rate (simulated) looks weird use 480p to watch in the normal PAL 25fps. Youtube encodes better w/ the higher frame rate. Video is sources from a heavily compressed AVI (all that is in circulation). Free fan media. December 2015 -@Copperpot5 I'm always looking for uncirculated Nirvana Video/Audio. If you taped Nirvana back in the day or happen to have any uncirculated Nirvana media please shoot me a message or email. Thx! Email: Jaycopperpot at gmail dot com)

Date: 12.12.2015

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